Ann holding a camera
Hey there!
I am a user experience designer based in Seattle, Washington.

I am passionate about helping others through designing inclusive experiences. I am an inquisitive and attentive person and a lifelong learner. Come say hi!!

Here's some of the work I'm passionate about:

UX/UI design - Mobile


Ellipse is a mobile application that incentivizes consumers to extend the use of life of their electronic devices in order to curb the global e-waste problem.

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UX design - Web


A website enables users to add monetary tips to their issues and incentivizes maintainers to dedicate more time to projects and offer timely responses to user issues.

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UX/UI design - Multimodel design


A platform designed to create meaningful relationships between staff and residents at assisted living.

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UX/UI redesign - Web

Maricopa County

A redesign of Maricopa County's permit website to make the application process as easy as possible for applicants.

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when you are kind to
others, it not only changes you,
it changes the world.