Eqole enables users to get access to information and knowledge of income inequality. Eqole gives people the convenience to donate through mobile app, as well as being able to find organizations that are working towards decreasing income inequality, instead of going through the website every time they want to donate.

The challenge

Mental health has become more and more important to people these days. However, most people did not realize that mental illness is a global issue, we created the environment and pressure for ourselves subliminally. We judge others by their social status; we want to present a more positive of ourselves. 

Lots of studies have shown that the greater the inequality the country is, the higher the rate of mental illness it has. 

Eqole key features

Read news, articles, and watch videos about income inequality.

Donate to your favorite organizations and show love and support!

Manage your account and sign petitions easily through your phone.


According to the book – The Inner Level, taking a very large sample of 30,000 people in the UK, they used a statistical model that allowed them to compare the effect of the absolute level of income to income rank. They found that in terms of predicting mental distress, rank trumped absolute income, even when accounting for age, gender, education, marital status, house ownership and other factors. The researchers were also able to show that a person’s income rank at a given time was related to changes in mental distress over the next year – whenever their mental state to begin with. Where people ranked in the income distribution was more important than how much money they had. 

Overall, almost 15 percent of people reported feeling depressed the previous day. Significantly, some countries had much lower, and others much higher, rates. These differences were unrelated to average incomes but correlated closely with income inequality. 

Design process

Learning from the public

From the survey, I found that people would rather donate through mobile apps than websites. However, there is only 1% of people is currently donating through mobile apps. Also, the greatest concern for most people is whether the organization is trustable or not. 

Target audience

I wanted to try to make everyone a part of this process, by creating a platform people could easily get information about inequalities around the world. My target audience would be mostly people who have medium to high wages in the industry. From those who have a higher social status giving to those who struggle living. 

“We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred, is a wedge designed to attack our civilization.“ 

                                                                                      –Franklin D. Roosevelt

Ideation sketches



Based on the findings through research, interview, and the book The Inner Level; I decided to create a mobile app as my main deliverable. The mobile app, Eqole, will raise attention and engage people in the subject matter. In addition, to solve the concern of trust for the organization, users can view the fund flow statement of Eqole. 

For making the app more interesting, there will be a quiz each day on the home page, to keep users engaged. On the donate page, users can show support to organizations and get information about how people think about the organization by the love they get.

Also, since decreasing income inequality is an issue that highly needs government policy to help with, users can easily create their signature on the app and sign the petition.

Visual design

Brand guideline

User experience map

Experience Journey2.png

Bus shelter poster

Bus Stop Billboard.jpg

App icon


The money bag represents "income"; the seesaw represents "inequality"; the heart on the bag is to remind people to be kind, and willing to share with others. Also, research has shown that the color blue is considered to give emotions such as trust, safe and relaxation. That is why the brand color is dark blue.


Social media

Social media post-01.jpg
Social media post-02.jpg


Laptop Mockup 01.jpg

Reflections & Further considerations

From giving users the information about income inequality to encourage them to donate is not a small step. How to make users emphasize with what other countries, which have greater income inequality, are going through and be willing to make the world a better place is the next step. If I had more time, I would like to improve my design to make users truly see themselves in the picture. Also, I would invite more organizations to be in the app, to share more information and to give users more convenience.