Phoenix Roosevelt Row

First Friday –

A Wayfinding Solution

Team: Ann Lei, Danqi Zhang

My Responsibilities: Research, Concept Development, Ideation, Direction+Map Visual Design, Prototype

Timeline: 3 weeks

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Roosevelt Row First Friday Event

The Roosevelt Row First Friday, at Downtown Phoenix, hosts one of the nation’s largest, self-guided art walks every First Friday from 6 to 11 pm, with free event shuttles available throughout downtown and are headquartered at the Phoenix Art Museum. They wanted to provide an effective wayfinding system for residents and visitors. They have a large area for the event, including 5 streets which are all not connected and with different lengths. 

The challenge

The Roosevelt Row First Friday has a large area for the event, including 5 streets that are all not connected and with different lengths. Visitors frequently get confused about the areas and where does it starts and ends. They usually have more than a hundred vendors participate in the event, which makes visitors hard to locate the vendors they are looking for. 


We went to the event several times to experience the event and found out that even though the area is full of people, it was easy to get lost. Also, not every street participated in the area, which made us get confused that had we seen every vendor yet. The other thing is that there were no directions for the category of vendors. For example, we couldn't find where the food trucks were, as well as artworks.

Learning from the vendor

There are few findings we got from the interview.

  • Most people drive to the event

  • Take vendors that have been there for a long time as landmarks to show directions

  • A map directs visitors to the location of each vendor


- Cole Seefus

  Clens Wearable Prints



We decided to design poster directions at parking lots, bus stations, and light rail stations to give people a clear direction on which way should they go. Research shows that physical landmarks give people the feeling of trust and works better than digital directions such as google map. Thus, we are putting signs at the beginning and end of each street and maps in the middle of the event area to provide not only directions, but also what can they find at each street by naming and coloring the street. 

Visual design

Street Sign Mockup.jpg
Wall Mockup1.jpg

Color choice

We designed the color by considering the color combinations for people who are visually impaired. They all have different values which provides easy distinguish.

资源 1.png
资源 2.png
资源 3.png
资源 4.png
资源 5 .png
资源 1.png
资源 2.png
资源 3.png
资源 4.png
资源 5 .png