Genuine Revival

Genuine Revival is a brand I designed everything from scratch. Including the logo, brand insight, the website, and mobile app. It is a skincare brand that sells natural ingredients and sustainable products. Users can easily find products they are looking for by different navigations, as well as clearly see all the ingredients in the products. 

Logo design

By randomly picking 1 letter and 2 numbers, my task is to design an innovative symbol combining two of them. Once the symbol is designed, a fictitious company name will be selected that connects the norms of that industry with the look and feel of the symbol. The numbers I got were g, 5, 8. I chose g and 5.


Industry research and color study

Since the brand mainly focuses on "natural" and sustainable ingredients, I looked for brands that use only natural products. It turns out that most companies take plant colors as their brand color. Thus, I tested multiple colors for my logo. The reason why I chose yellow is that yellow gives the feeling of energetic. I want users to get glowing skins after they use our products. 

color sketch.jpg

Final design

Business system


Brand guideline

For the brand guideline, I not only focus on typefaces and colors but photography. I think the photography of products takes a huge part in advertising. Photography is the first thing that draws the consumer's attention. A good and high-quality photo can create a high-end feeling of the product, as well as the brand. 



The challenge

There are many makeup and skincare brands in the industry now, however, from the research I did, most of them do not have a clear navigation for users to look for the products they are looking for. Also, there is a higher and higher demand for natural and sustainable products nowadays. Research shows that 66 percent of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, a full 73 percent of Millennials are. In 2015, brands who showed a commitment to sustainability saw sales grow more than 4% globally. Those that had no such commitment grew less than 1%. 

Genuine Revival key features

Quick view of the ideas and products of Genuine Revival. 

Shop natural products for your skin.

Details of the methods for our ingredients and what makes Genuine Revival special.

Design process


I started by doing research on natural ingredient skincare brands. Found out menus and categories that are used the most, also eliminate those are not that useful and important. In addition, I tested many websites to see which layout and functions work the best. Mapping out the sitemap gives myself a clearer vision of the brand and what is needed in the website. 

Wireframe sketches

I made simple wireframes in Adobe Illustrator and printed out to see them in full size. Also I asked few more people to find out things that I can make adjustment on. 




According to marketing industry influencer Krista Neher, the human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than words. Thus, I decided to make the design (website & app) image-oriented. By drawing users' attention first, develop their curiosity about the brand and ingredients next. Also, testimonials from other users are extremely important in these skincare products too. Users can find the testimonials from the home page and on each product page. 

Visual design

Home page

Shop page

Our ingredient page

Our story page

Reflections & Further considerations

In this project, I've been mainly focused on the visual aspect, instead of what users need and what are the things that are lacking in the industry, as well as what can actually improve users' experience. If I had more time, I would do more research and see if the app is actually a plus for the brand, or is there any other new ideas that can exactly give users what they want. Maybe letting users customize the ingredients in the product based on what they need. 

Health and skincare are getting more and more important to people, so I think this would be a good chance to help more people who don't have the knowledge in skincare.